To learn more about StoryCorps and their popular interview model, download Using Interview Materials: A Resource for StoryCorps Partners (PDF) or explore some of the resources available on the StoryCorps website:

Libraries interested in planning and implementing their own oral history program series may also wish to download a copy of StoryCorps @ your library: A Toolkit for Success (PDF).

Ideas for Incorporating StoryCorps in to Library Programs

Bringing StoryCorps interview sessions to your library presents an excellent opportunity to engage your community through related programs. Pilot libraries are expected to host at least one program for public audiences, but further programming is encouraged. Consider some of these options:

  • Use the StoryKit to enhance your “One City One Book” program. Collect interviews that connect to your community read through a theme or historical era.
  • Host a series of technical workshops on digital editing, recording, or oral history. Encourage participants to create their own podcasts or short documentaries on local history.
  • Partner with local restaurants to create a program that explores local cuisine or the link between food and local history.
  • Bring the StoryKit to book group meetings or community forums.
  • Use some interviews available on the StoryCorps website to host community listening events.
  • Recruit a local scholar to give a lecture or lead a discussion on local history.
  • Develop a series of programs about family history or genealogy to encourage intergenerational dialogue.
  • Encourage your teen groups to create their own animations/stories using StoryCorps animations as a spring board.
  • Partner with local adult literacy groups and use the StoryKit to connect, record, and preserve voices from adult literacy and GED communities.

Ideas for Local Partnerships

  • Universities or community colleges
  • Radio or television stations
  • Local businesses
  • State humanities councils
  • Historical societies
  • Heritage groups
  • Restaurants or coffee shops
  • After-school programs
  • Book clubs
  • Senior organizations
  • Writers groups and poetry guilds
  • Professional associations


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