Native Voices


Publicity Checklist

This checklist provides an overview of important publicity reminders.

  • To meet media and other deadlines, you will need to start promoting your programs at least six weeks to two months in advance.
  • Use official project credit information on all publicity materials. Use ALA and NLM logos on materials wherever possible.
  • All publicity images must be accompanied by the ownership credits provided with the image. See “Guidelines for Use of Publicity Images” for more detailed information.
  • Stress NLM and ALA credits in press releases, press events and all public programs.

Offical Exhibition Credit

In promotion for your Native Voices: Native Peoples’ Concepts of Health and Illness programs and exhibition, please be sure to include NLM and ALA credits. The credit line in written materials such as press releases, media alerts and newsletter articles should read as follows:

The U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM) developed and produced Native Voices: Native Peoples’ Concepts of Health and Illness. The American Library Association (ALA) Public Programs Office, in partnership with NLM, tours the exhibition to America’s libraries.

For all printed materials, please include logos for:

  • National Library of Medicine
  • American Library Association

Guidelines for ALA and NLM Acknowledgement

When in doubt, ask the ALA Public Programs Office.

  • The official credit line should appear on all printed and other visual materials related to the exhibition, including press releases, brochures, publications, invitations, program flyers, advertisements, press kits, announcements, websites and local posters. It should also appear on any signage at the entrance to the exhibition. On all materials, it should appear in a type size that is readable and appropriate to the overall design. Include logos if space permits.
  • Logos: Please use the National Library of Medicine and the American Library Association logos on materials whenever possible, especially on smaller PR pieces where the credit line does not fit. Logos may be found below.
  • In speaking to or sending press releases to newspaper reporters, radio and TV interviewers and other media personnel, please stress that full ALA and NLM credit should be included in all articles and features. Some host sites include a line set off at the beginning of press releases saying “Editor: Please do not edit out ALA and NLM credits in paragraph __.”
  • At press events and in public programs: The ALA and NLM should be acknowledged orally at the beginning and end of press conferences, public programs, and other public events connected with the exhibition and at the beginning and end of radio or television interviews. Use the official exhibition credit as a guide.
  • Local sponsor credits: Local sponsor credit must follow the Native Voices exhibition credit line and be in a type size no larger than the exhibition credit. The exception is materials or programs entirely supported by another funding source. In those cases, it is still necessary for the credit line or logos to appear, but the additional sponsor’s credit may appear first and in a larger size.

Guidelines for Use of Publicity Images

In the event of violation of the following conditions, the NLM and ALA reserve the right to terminate a participating library’s program involvement.

  • Host sites are authorized to use specific images in publicity for programs.
  • Host sites may authorize newspapers and other media to use the images for exhibit publicity only. If host sites use other images, they are responsible for obtaining permissions if they are necessary.
  • These images are to be used for noncommercial or educational activities and promotion of the Native Voices exhibition at the specified venues hosting the exhibit. Commercial use of any image for profit in another publication, edition, format, or language is prohibited.
  • Host sites may not reformat, redesign, or otherwise alter the images. Host sites may print color images in black-and-white.
  • All images must be accompanied by the ownership credits provided with the image .
  • Libraries are liable for damages, claims, suits or other legal proceedings arising from or attributed to violation of third party rights resulting from any unauthorized creation, use, display, or modification of advertising or publicity materials relating to the exhibit.

Publicity Images

Host sites are authorized to use the following approved images in publicity for programs.

Included in the zip file is a word document with captions and credit lines for the images. Please use the credit line and captions at all times when using these photos.

Host sites which use other images for exhibit publicity are responsible for securing permissions to use them.


Please use the National Library of Medicine and the American Library Association logos on publicity materials whenever possible, especially on smaller PR pieces where the credit line does not fit. High resolution logo files may be found in the online site support notebook.

Grant recipients are authorized to use logos only for Native Voices exhibition purposes for the duration of the project. They do not need to obtain additional permissions. Please direct questions about logo usage to

  • NLM Primary Logo: Zip
  • NLM Abbreviated Logo: Zip
  • Native Voices logos:
    • Horizontal: PNG
    • Stacked: PNG
    • Spirit of Eagles: PNG

Sample Media Materials

Be sure to alert your local media and community groups that your organization was chose to participate in this national exhibiton tour. Sample press release materials are below.

Promotional Materials

The following files were created by the National Library of Medicine using Adobe Creative Suite software. Please feel free to customize them with information about your program offerings.

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