Native Voices

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. May we transfer the exhibit to different locations in the system during our 6 weeks? 

A. No. Due to insurance reasons, libraries that are selected to receive the exhibit will not be able to move it to other locations.

Q. What will my library receive?

A. Each host site will receive the following:

  • The traveling exhibition for a six-week loan period (shipping costs are paid by ALA through the project grant).
  • A $250 grant for expenses related to local exhibition programming (indirect costs may not be charged to the grant by host sites). Please note that grant funds may not be used to pay for social events, receptions, entertainment, or alcoholic beverages.
  • A publicity kit containing images for use in publicity and on host library websites.
  • Training through a required project webinar, and online project support materials.

Q. What may the $250 stipend be used toward?

A. The following are eligible program expenses:

  • Payment of scholar honoraria or other speaker and presenter fees to support the exhibit.
  • Program promotion and publicity.
  • Purchase of collection materials (e.g. books, DVDs, subscription databases) that support Native Voices programming.
  • Other program-related expenses for activity described within the funded proposal.
  • Grant funds may not be used to support indirect costs (i.e. general administrative expenses).

Q. Who should I send my institution’s proof of insurance to for the exhibit?

A. All host sites need to upload their proof of insurance to their organization’s pre-exhibit form at least 45 days prior to hosting the exhibit. To access the pre-exhibit form, the owner of the site’s proposal will need to login here. Once signed in, the pre-exhibit form may be accessed under "Documents".

Q. Are the included iPads tethered to the exhibit?

A. Yes, the iPads are secured to individual stations by a hard casing that is screwed into the exhibit panels.

Q. When will programs take place?

A. Exhibitions will travel on a staggered schedule to selected sites between February 2016 and June 2020. The 104 sites selected for Native Voices will host the exhibition for a period of approximately six weeks each.

Q. When can we host the opening reception and programs for the exhibit?

A. Selected sites may hold the opening reception and any other programs they have planned for the exhibit at any point during their display period. However, please note that the first date listed on the itinerary is the “Shipper Delivers No Later Than” date. While the exhibit may arrive prior to this, sites should not plan to host any programs on or before that date.

Q. Is there a copy of the itinerary available online?

A. Yes. You can find a copy of the itinerary here.

Q. Are host sites responsible for setting-up the exhibit and storing the shipping crates during the display period?

A. Yes. Once the shipper delivers the exhibit, it is the host site’s responsibility to unpack, set-up and re-pack the exhibit. Visit the Site Support Notebook for detailed instructions on unpacking and setting-up the exhibit. While the exhibit is on display it is the host site’s responsibility to store the shipping crates.

Q. Where will the shipper place the exhibit crates upon delivery?

A. Delivery of the exhibit is essentially door to door. Due to this, we recommend that you have two or three staff members on hand the day the exhibit is set to arrive to help unpack and move the crates.

Q. The space in our library is a little tight and it might be easier for visitors to maneuver if we only set out a few of the iPad stands. Is this acceptable?

A. While we encourage you to set-up the full exhibit, setting out only a couple of the iPad stands is acceptable since the same content is loaded on each iPad. Please note that if you choose to do this, the iPads not on display must be stored in a locked and secured place for the duration of the exhibit.

Q. It’s been a while since the training webinar. Can I see it again?

A. Yes. A recording of the webinar can be found here.

Q. My site is coming up soon on the tour. What should I expect?

A. Visit the Site Support Notebook page on logistics at If you still have questions, please email the Public Programs Office at

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