Latino Americans


LATINO AMERICANS is a landmark six-hour documentary featuring interviews with nearly 100 Latinos and more than 500 years of History. It is a production of WETA Washington, DC; Bosch and Co., Inc.; and Latino Public Broadcasting (LPB); in association with Independent Television Service (ITVS). As the programming cornerstone for Latino Americans: 500 Years of History, the film will be screened, by episode or in its entirety, by each organization selected to receive a grant.

The following resources may be useful to any institution interested in using this documentary series to support programs for public audiences and students.

  • The Latino Americans Series Guide (PDF) provides an interactive table of contents, outlining the topics covered in each episode of the documentary. This linked outline takes users to more detailed descriptions for each episode, includes timecodes for easy navigation of the DVDs, and has links to shorter promotional and content clips that are streaming online.
  • An Episode Guide that provides detailed descriptions for each of six episodes: Foreigners in their Own Land (1565-1880); Empire of Dreams (1880-1942); War and Peace (1942-1954); The New Latinos (1946-1965); Prejudice and Pride (1965-1980); and Peril and Promise (1980-2000). These descriptions may be republished on your website, promotional materials, or elsewhere in connection with LA500 programming.
  • The Education section of WETA’s Latino Americans website, with lesson plans for students in grades 7-12 and other classroom activities. Video clips that provide easy access to key sections of the film series. Clips include trailers for each of six episodes, sections on the Spanish-American War, the Alamo, the LA school walkouts, and several key individuals whose lives are explored in the film.

In fall 2015, Humanities Texas will provide extensive curriculum guides that support content in Episode III: War and Peace. Scholars are currently working with master teachers to develop guides that focus on:

  • The Zoot Suit Riots.
  • Dr. Hector Garcia, his military service, and the establishment and work of the American G.I. Forum.
  • Medal of Honor recipient Macario Garcia and his involvement World War II in Europe and discrimination against Latino servicemen and veterans during and after the war.

Each section of the Episode III guide will include a contextual essay, age-appropriate primary sources (documents, photographs, oral histories, maps and newspaper stories) with explanatory captions, lesson plans, sample questions, and teaching activities. These guides will offer creative ways to use each portion of Episode III and its corresponding primary sources to engage students' interest and develop their critical thinking skills.

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