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LA500 Reporting Requirements

As a recipient of an LA500 grant, ALA and NEH ask that you fulfill the following reporting requirements. Your efforts will allow us to highlight and promote your local events as they take place, plan for public relations efforts that support the national initiative, and demonstrate the importance of the work that we're doing together to stakeholders, funders, and the public.

You may also wish to review the following materials as you update and implement your plans:

With questions or for technical support, please contact

Updating and finalizing your program schedule

We understand that the programming plans you submitted as early as February 2015 may have changed. In order to accommodate scheduling changes, replacement or additions of speakers, or reductions in your overall number of event offerings based on the grant amount received, ALA offers a Program Log Form via our online grant administration system.

To access this form, as well as a copy of your submitted application, please follow the instructions below.

  • Visit and Log in with the email address and password used to submit your original proposal. If you've forgotten your password, use password reset option. Note that the login page may also be accessed from the upper right corner of this website.
  • Select the "program log - begin" link.
  • The schedule of programs that you provided in your proposal will appear. It may be edited, or you may delete or add programs as necessary. You can save your work and return to the form at a later date, if necessary.
  • If you received a $3,000 award but submitted a proposal for a $10,000 award, you are required to submit this form by September 30.
  • All other grantees with changes to their original program plans are urged to share the most up to date information through this form by September 30.

On October 1, the information provided via the Program Log Form and/or original proposal will be used to generate a listing of all LA500 film screening events across the country. We appreciate your help offering to most up to date information to the public!

Required final report

All organizations that received an LA500 grant are required to submit an online final report to ALA. Reports are due within 30 days of the last public program offered, or by July 29, 2016, whichever comes first.

ALA will open the final report form on October 1, and send an email notification to each organization's project director with login information.

Part of the final report will include reporting on per-program attendance figures; please keep track of this information for programs hosted prior to October 1! After that date, information can be added as it becomes available.

To access the application system, sign in with your profile.