Jaffarian 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. May I preview the application before completing it?

A. Yes. You may download a PDF of last year's application for reference; the application process is also covered in detail in Section IV of the award guidelines.

Q. What do you classify as a humanities program?

A. Humanities focused programs include, but are not limited to, social studies, poetry, drama, art, music, language arts, foreign language and culture.

Q. Does the cash award go to the librarian or the school?

A. The cash award is made out to the school and is intended to be used for further humanities programming in the library.

Q. Does the program I want to submit for consideration need to have taken place in the current school year?

A. Yes. To be eligible, the program you are applying with must have taken place during the 2018 – 2019 school year. However, ongoing program series that have been going on for multiple years are eligible if they are still currently active.

Q. Is attendance at ALA’s Annual Conference required to receive the award?

A. No. The award is not presented at ALA’s Annual Conference. There is, however, an opportunity to meet with ALA staff and a member of the award committee if the winner has plans to attend ALA’s Annual Conference.

Q. Am I required to submit letters of support with my application?

A. Yes. At least 2 letters of support are required to be eligible.

Q. May applications be submitted in hard copy?

A. No.

Q. Can private school libraries apply?

A. Yes, private and public school libraries in the United States that serve children in any combination of grades K-8 and are staffed by a state-certified librarian, may apply.

Q. The program I want submit for consideration is part of a national project, is it eligible?

A. Librarians are strongly encouraged to apply with an original program or program series they created. While librarians can apply with programs that are part of national projects (i.e. The Big Read), they are not considered as competitive as original efforts.

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