American Creed


The following information may be useful to libraries that are planning to submit an application for American Creed: Community Conversations.

Program formats

In addition to offering at least one scholar-led screening and discussion event featuring the American Creed documentary, applicant libraries must plan two additional programs that explore the themes and humanities questions featured in the film. Eligible program formats include:

Community partners

American Creed: Community Conversations applicants must work with at least one community partner on their program series. Partnerships can assume many forms: co-presenters, financial partners, organizations that will donate goods or services, marketing and outreach efforts, and volunteers.

A partnership is successful if both partners gain something from the relationship. Identify groups that you have worked with in the past and ones that you would like to work with in the future. Share your project plans with potential partners and see if your goals resonate with their mission, interests, or intentions for community outreach.

ALA and Citizen Film especially encourage local partnerships with PBS member stations and/or National Writing Project sites. Additional partner organizations may include the following.

  • Local high schools
  • Area churches, synagogues and other religious organizations
  • Arts and humanities organizations (historical societies, museums, cultural centers)
  • Book clubs
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Community centers
  • Community colleges
  • Councils on Aging/AARP groups
  • Ethnic associations
  • Fraternal organizations
  • Literacy organizations
  • Local businesses
  • Local chapters of national organizations (ADL, ACLU, LWV, ZONTA, ROTARY)
  • Professional associations
  • Public libraries in neighboring communities, library systems
  • Senior organizations
  • Service organizations (AmeriCorps, etc.)
  • Universities
  • Veterans organizations
  • Writers groups and poetry guilds

Other resources

American Creed Website

At the official website for the American Creed documentary, you may view the film, read about the cast, access resources for educators and students, and explore other opportunities for involvement.

PBS member stations

Citizen Film's flagship partner and co-producer for American Creed is WTTW (Chicago, IL). The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) supported the launch of the documentary as a PBS Special across the PBS network. Additionally, ten PBS member stations received CPB public engagement grants. The American Creed PBS program is being re-launched with brand new additional stories in November 2018, and the co-producers anticipate rebroadcasts on local stations throughout 2018-2019. 154 PBS WORLD Channel Carriers across the US will rebroadcast American Creed in primetime on November 25, 2018. Additionally, local stations are sometimes able to time rebroadcasts so that local public events and broadcasts can be cross-promoted. Once your event is confirmed, we will reach out to your local PBS station to see if they are interested in contacting you to discuss programming and promotional partnerships.

A project of the American Library Association (ALA) Public Programs Office, Programming Librarian is the premier online resource for all things related to presenting cultural and community programs for all types and sizes of libraries.

State and local humanities councils

Your state humanities council may be helpful in connecting your library with an eligible public humanities practitioner to moderate your viewing and discussion programs. Some councils may also have opportunities for additional programming support. The Federation of State Humanities Councils can help you get in touch.