American Creed

American Creed: Community Conversations Library Programming Grant Frequently Asked Questions

May I preview the application before completing it?

The best way to preview the application is to review the Application and Submission Information section of the Guidelines, which provides a detailed description of each question included.

What types of libraries are eligible?

This opportunity is open to all public libraries in the U.S. and U.S. territories.

What will my library receive, if selected?

For a detailed description, see the Benefits for Award Recipients section of the Guidelines.

Should I contact and confirm the local project scholar(s) and/or National Writing Project (NWP) representative named in my proposal before submitting the application?

Yes. To be considered for a $300 programming grant, your application must include the name, title, and vita or biography of a committed local project scholar or NWP representative who has confirmed their participation.

What qualifications should a local project scholar or NWP representative possess?

The local project scholar or NWP representative should have a Ph.D. or another advanced degree in U.S. History, American Studies, or another relevant humanities subject. In addition, they should be an experienced, engaging speaker, who can facilitate discussion with adult audiences on humanities themes. If you have questions about a particular candidate, please contact

I have not been able to confirm a local scholar or NWP representative to participate in my library's proposed programming. May I still apply to participate in the project?

Yes. If you are not able to confirm participation of an eligible speaker, you may indicate within the application that you will waive the $300 programming stipend. If your library is selected to receive a grant, ALA, Citizen Film and the National Writing Project will work with you to schedule an eligible speaker to participate in an American Creed screening and discussion program.

How important are community partners to this grant?

The presence of community partners reflects on the library's ability reach out to targeted audiences in the community, generate community support and interest, and capitalize on local resources. The ability to recruit partners helps demonstrate enthusiasm and commitment to the program.

May multiple project directors coordinate the proposed programming series?

No. A single project director on the staff of the applicant library must be designated to oversee the American Creed: Community Conversations series.

May more than one branch of my library system apply?

Library branches within the same system should coordinate submission of a single application. Successful applicants may opt-in to receive additional copies of the American Creed DVD for circulating collections and the high quality, projection-ready download of the film with PPR, for additional branches within the public library system (if applicable). Thus, it is strongly suggested that only one application be submitted per library system since only one grant can be awarded per library system.

How many libraries will be selected?

Up to 50 libraries will be selected to participate in American Creed: Community Conversations.

My library is interested in purchasing a copy of the American Creed documentary with Public Performance Rights (PPR). Is that available?

All applicants that finalize an eligible proposal for an American Creed: Community Conversations grant will receive access to a downloadable projection-ready version of American Creed with Public Performance Rights (PPR), regardless of their award status. Access will be provided by Citizen Film in early 2019. Information about purchase of a DVD with PPR will be added in this area, if it becomes available. You may also watch American Creed online at

How will ALA and Citizen Film address requests to change event details (e.g., dates, times, locations, speakers) provided in the application's Program Schedule section?

Successful applicants will have the opportunity to easily adjust programming schedules and locations in early 2019. However, any changes in the library project director, project scholar and/or featured speaker must be requested in writing and must include a two-page résumé.

When will I be notified if my library is selected?

All applicants will be notified of their award status via email on December 14, 2018.

Who may I contact with other questions?

Additional questions about your American Creed: Community Conversations grant may be directed to the ALA Public Programs Office staff (; 312-280-5045).