Assessment in Action
Assessment in Action
Academic Library Contributions to Student Success

Over 200 higher education institutions from across North America and Australia participated in ACRL’s three year Assessment in Action: Academic Libraries and Student Success (AiA) program. Campus teams carried out assessment projects which resulted in promising and effective approaches to demonstrating the library’s value to students' academic success. This online collection features project reports and posters from teams which completed assessment projects over a three-year period of 2013-16.

The findings from the assessment work of the campus teams are impressive. By demonstrating the variety of ways that libraries contribute to student learning and success, academic librarians are establishing connections between such academic success outcomes as student retention, persistence, GPA, engagement, graduation, career preparedness, and different aspects of the library (e.g., instruction, reference, space and facilities, and collections).

Many of the projects are replicable at other academic libraries or contain elements that can be adapted to a college or university’s unique institutional context. Libraries can learn about ideas and strategies that promote evidence-based demonstrations of an academic library’s contributions to student learning and success through the wide variety of projects.

More about AiA:

AiA was a three-year project sponsored by the ACRL in partnership with the Association of Institutional Research and the Association of Public Land-grant Universities, and with funding from the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services. When the project concluded in June 2016, over 200 higher education institutions participated in developing assessment methods and tools.

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